Monday, February 9, 2009

random facts about me -- who cares!?!

for the spirit of gayahan!

honestly, every blog i read lately has this. sometimes 10 things you should know about me. 7 random facts about me, 9, 15? 2? 4 would be nice. superbianca gave out 25.

my favorite number is 8 (so i will let you know 8 things about me, i have 7 more) because you can draw a cat from it! just add eyes, ears and a tail.

this is hard! haha! im not enjoying! haha! you cant really say that "hey! im a loser!" or "i can do alot of ripley's believe it or not shit" unless you want to freak people out with your bluntness.

i play the guitar.

when i was young, playmates refer to me as lavinia. the mean girl from the cartoon/tv series/movie princess sarah. so that makes them the princess sarah! haha! i dont get why those ugly, stupid girls said that!? i was dead nice to them! :P

i cant eat anything with calamansi in it.

im a rusher! i love chico and delle!

i cut classes in high school. just on math, i don't understand a thing so why waste time sitting there. i wasted time sitting in the cafeteria instead.

im an only daughter -- of a broken couple.


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this might not be related to your post but it seems that you enjoy adventure.

we're trekking pinatubo on feb 28 (daytrip), you might want to join us.