Friday, March 5, 2010

sleep to dream

i read this somewhere..

"make your dreams come true! wake up at the right time."

its so funny when your dream gets mashed up with the real stuff, like once im dreaming and in my dream im reading the newspaper and the song unwell by matchbox20 was playing on the radio then i woke up to my uncle singing the song. OR worse, and i know
a lot have experienced this same embarrassing moment when in your dream, you got up and went to the bathroom to pee BUT in the middle of your business you wake up in a wet bed, admit it!

i was drunk when that happened to me. so.. yes, tmi!


YULI said...


the donG said...

in other words, wake up with the right mind set.

Rej said...

i experienced the last part when i was 12 but never when i was still a baby (that's what mom said). hehe!

naalala ko tuloy sa sobrang toxic ng work ko dati, napanaginipan ko na tapos ko na lahat and then when i woke up i realized wala pa ko nagagawa. ang saya ko pa naman sa panaginip. asar!