Monday, October 26, 2009

you might just get it

saw a girl today, teenage, high school, in her uniform but with hair put up in a messy bun, like you do to your hair when you just woke up, complete make-up and stilettos. i dont know if shes going to school or to an early halloween party dressed as a kinky student.

generation what? i dont even want to get there. kids nowadays start early.

they want to smoke and drink,they fall in love at 12 and think no one understands them, they withdraw and think that their shit head friends are the only ones who love them. how emo!?

they dont get it. there is nothing fun in being an A-dult. well there are some but ask them, they'd prefer to be you! young and full of chances to make it right. no bills to pay, no boring ass job. bet they'd kill to be students again. well physically, the reasons are pretty obvious. when you become an A-dult. you're going to pay to get your boobs back up, wrinkles erased and beer belly tucked or just live with it. i told you its sad. kaya nga may mga isip-bata e, they never want to leave that stage - ; )

im 21 and in control of my life. i love the freedom! but i swear there are times that i just want to hand my life back to my mother.


Anonymous said...

sabi nga ng naging boss ko sa OJT nung college pa ko "Pagnagstart na kayong magwork sasabihin nyo: Mas masarap maging estudyante."


YULI said...

when i was 17, i want to grow up fast so i can have full control with my life. REALITY bites! now that i'm getting older, hayst! ang pala ng mundo kapag nakalabas ka na sa school grounds.