Saturday, March 20, 2010

you're lucky

maasar ka pag-ako ang kausap mo, kasi whenever people complain about life, vent their anger and tell me their problems i tell them - 'you're lucky!'

but then luck is an illusion, its made up. some say that they got lucky after a good day - then we blame bad luck when it is US who actually messed up. its funny how some invest in charms, renovations, fireworks and too much red when nothing is in our hands.

so, should i change that to 'you are more blessed' or 'you should pray more'?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

raised by wolves

partly cloudy.

some of me i learned from my mom. some of me look a lot like my father. alot of me is by my grandparents. a part of me are from my uncles, a little from my titas. bits and pieces from books but most of this i kind of got as i went along.

they separated, moved on with their lives with out me - but in the middle of all that i did not pity my pitiful young self. i learned that if no one is going to be there for me, i have to be strong for me.

being a part of a broken family does not give you the license to be a rebel. it gives you an initiative to be different from what you grew up on. you should set that mistake in your life (that isn't your fault) as example of what not to do.

yes it does confuse me. until now i ask questions and often think of what could have been. but as i grow older i realized that the person (cliche warning) that im today wouldnt be as strong if i wasnt weathered by my fate.

mad glitch.

Monday, March 8, 2010

cool off

i hope to see you when i get back - mid april!

i will schedule some, but wont get to visit your pages or read and answer comments which is my favorite part.

Friday, March 5, 2010

sleep to dream

i read this somewhere..

"make your dreams come true! wake up at the right time."

its so funny when your dream gets mashed up with the real stuff, like once im dreaming and in my dream im reading the newspaper and the song unwell by matchbox20 was playing on the radio then i woke up to my uncle singing the song. OR worse, and i know
a lot have experienced this same embarrassing moment when in your dream, you got up and went to the bathroom to pee BUT in the middle of your business you wake up in a wet bed, admit it!

i was drunk when that happened to me. so.. yes, tmi!

Monday, March 1, 2010

loner mode

im not believing its already march.

parang kahapon lang, im trying so hard to get my sh*t together so i'd be/look/feel ready(?) for new years tapos march na! ano daw!?

february sucked, thats what.

but i just have to say, im, we're all very lucky to be on the side of the world where we can appreciate how the moonlight is brighter.