Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fresh start

cheers to the better me!

im saying goodbye to this blog and will start a new one. im leaving all the negativity and sadness behind - but im lucky to have shared with you that phase of my life, i learned a lot from YOU and i wish along the way of being sympathetic with me you picked up something. i hope i made you smile somehow or feel like you are never alone - because most of the time when i read your blogs i do.

thank you for each comment left for me, you know i love them and i always write back!
it was great! :)

i hope to see some of you on my new home(?)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

off topic

everything about losing weight is either annoying or boring and im certain - super hard.

to tell you honestly im making very little progress. slowly but surely. but then i said im not going to talk about that.

this week is about family and how i always felt like i never have one. but that's changed, because i now have my own. you know how i use to see it - im everybody's daughter when im great and im alone when im wrong. people would take credit for who you've become when its good. 

without exaggerating. OR maybe people feel most emotional when their birthday is coming up. 

i remember last year, i have cousin who is visiting from london whose birthday is 3 days after mine. they decided to have our party on the same day. my birthday isn't really a big deal for me since i had children so i guess its okay. i was worrying about my cousin leila who was turning 14 then - might not like sharing her party,(you know how teens are) but she was totally cool with it. 

during the afternoon we were killing time at the mall so people at home can prepare for the party - they call me to say that i have to buy a cake, for me. buy my own cake because they bought one for my cousin and it wouldnt look good if we share. i saw it as a simple task but the people i was with were like, "sad you have to buy your own cake.."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A for effort

i lost 9 lbs last week.

just by dieting, i haven't been out lately to run. its amazing how easy i can put the weight i've lost back on - so easy. the weather continues to work against me equals cardio indoors. jogging in place, jumping jacks and possibly jump rope.

"the workout playlist" : all linked to videos on youtube.

More Than A Woman, Aaliyah - video is equally good! i miss Her.

Control Myself, LL Cool J & J.Lo - i literally dont understand what the song is about but it sounds good.

Just Like Me, Jamie Foxx - i love Jamie Foxx. you have to love this video!

Lose Control, Missy Elliot - why not.

Uh Huh, B2k - idk - can't believe it's almost 10 years since this song was a hit, they use to play this everyday, every radio station in CT and on BET back in 2002.

Try Again, Aaliyah - the video is a motivation to get fit. look at her stomach.

We Need A Resolution, Aaliyah - i recently salvaged my old CDs from the trash bin, much to my surprise they still work! - skips a little though. i use to play this from start to finish, again and again.

Ride, Ciara & Ludacris - warning : the video is too hot!

Get it Shawty, Lloyd - fact : i have the biggest crush on him.

Good Girls Go Bad, Cobra Starship - idk.

Animal, Neon Trees - 2 more reps. :D

and.. its raining again.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

the zone

there are a lot of things to avoid when on a diet, you have to keep your eyes set on your 120lbs goal. focus, focus, focus on what not to eat, when to eat and how much you can eat. then, while you are avoiding the kitchen, watching TV without a snack a food commercial comes up. yup, the world is working against you.

the pantry - i'm a cook. i see carbonara in eggs, cream and cheese. i see cake in flour and sugar. "what am i going to do with these carrots and potatoes? a, kaldereta. may baka ba? then i open the -

fridge - merong baka! may ice cream din." my daughter loves ice cream too.

i love to entertain people with food. i sometimes cook for no reason. i also have to try everything. so when i get in the -

car - we pass by at least 10 restaurants before we get to the -

mall - where there are more places for food. do you know how many restaurants and food stalls there are in TriNoMa? haha! :)

so, maybe i'll do a little browsing and guess what i just stumbled upon, an article about how big donuts are as news.

Monday, June 20, 2011

resisting the munching

does the weather really have to work against me? rain to me is synonymous to champorado and tuyo, ginataang halo-halo and 30 ounces of hot chocolate plus pajama all day, sleeping in and every other day showers. :D

its been a boring week since i decided to diet and exercise. i haven't invest on any equipment yet, but i've been running and doing sit ups. i'm also eating less. no rice, burgers only! (that's a joke) i gave up pork and beef (i've been doing this for a while), and live on tuna and occasional chicken. no cream for coffee and no butter for anything.

my biggest problem yet is dessert. i LOVE cake and ice cream. now i have to hate donuts too.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

real friends tell you the truth - annoyingly.

my weekend was fun! i had a little free time to catch up with friends. we had dinner, coffee and a lot of talk!

they all teased me for gaining too much weight. pinching my arm, asking how much i weigh and if i auditioned for the Biggest Loser (which was funny yet exaggerated). so i said, "we all gained weight and i'm the only one with the valid excuse - i had children!"

i'm going to let you in a secret : i did a little teen modeling. i was going to put up the link to the site where they have my portfolio BUT i'm too shy. i was 16 ; i don't judge me. :) nothing special, i was very skinny, underweight for my height ; 5'8. that's why my friends wouldn't drop the issue, i nearly doubled. 

i honestly don't feel bad about being heavier. i love my body. i don't feel fat but i know i'm not on the healthy side either. i don't watch what i eat, i have less physical activities and never tried to workout or at least jog(which i use to love).

summer is over, i don't need a bikini body but getting the same comment from everybody is getting old. "you got bigger!". i never dare say that to anybody, i think it's a little offensive even if it's true. seriously,other people never thought of that? 

you read it first. i'm now making my 'WORK OUT' playlist.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

you know what i mean

this bothers me : every time a foreign band or celebrity visits the philippines the one thing that they have to be asked is "how do you find the filipino women?" like its the best product around.

 wow. TV! I'm annoyed entertained.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

play list 5/8

i want to make a mix tape for you! :')

Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson -  i can smile through out this song - it just says it all! "pretend there's no world outside.." parang lahat ng kanta ni JJ pang cuddle weather? o baka yung boses nya lang.

Sing for you, Tracy Chapman - this is a sad song but her voice relaxes me plus its easy to sing along to! ahaha!

Patience, Guns N Roses - a song about missing someone. why cant there be songs like this anymore? im stuck in this era. replay.replay! and the video is super bonus, Axl Rose is beautiful!

Two Wrongs, Wyclef Jean feat. Claudette Ortiz - this i don't know how to explain. take a listen. :')

Live and Learn, The Cardigans - "no, i don't think i can learn.."

Cold Summer Nights, Francis M - one of my favorites! i can't listen to the other versions of this song sung by Nina and Armie(?). i use to like Upside Down,Two Minds Crack - but when 6cycle Mind revived it, (more like killed it) i stopped liking it too much. 

Skinny Love, Bon Iver - this is at the top of my most played list but im not really heartbroken. its so hard to explain what this song means, i almost don't get it. ahaha! it is so beautiful. specially this live performance. moving.

Never There, Cake - GENIUSES! every Cake song is fun.

Generator 1st Floor, Freelance Whales - i just discovered this. WHERE HAVE I BEEN!? all their songs that i listened to made me giddy-happy but so far my favorite is this one. i just fell in love.. yup, in love. big grin**

When I'm With You, Best Coast - "i hate sleeping alone.." i spaced out.

Don't Look Back in Anger, Oasis - i love Oasis but i choose this one today. the video is Eraserheadish or the other way around, this reminds me so much of this video, Julie Tearjerky, ano?

How's it Going Be, Third Eye Blind - another band that i love along with The Cure, The Smiths and Pearl Jam . this is my driving away song.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

sunday madness

QC's greatest landmark after SM North EDSA! :)