Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new bills

i still have 4 more presents to give away. 3 of my godchildren didnt show up - this year that im most prepared. i actually went shopping and wrap the gifts myself. see, i learned that children, well, most of them want toys for christmas, some of them dont even want to take the money but gets so excited when handed a present.

dont you want to be a kid again - specially this time of the year!? - puro ka patanggap, you dont have to worry about giving. you can go caroling on the same houses EVERYDAY and only know one song!

childrens party ang christmas. birthday party ni jesus. i cant imagine christmas with out kids singing and running around, playing with their new toys, counting their crisp 20's. im blessed to be surrounded with cousins i cant even count, 12 godchildren and of course my kids.

having all of them around is crazy! you know kids are funny even if they're not trying. that's another reason why i love the holidays, no school and the children are around to annoy me - haha! or the other way around. example:

i asked my 6year old cousin what does he want for christmas since im his ninang too, "remote control" he quipped. i knew he was talking about a remote control car but i wrapped our remote control for the tv instead. - what? you didnt say "car".


YULI said...

sa akin nalang yang gifts na hindi kinuha. :D

-ellesig- said...

may gift ako sayo! dont worry..

yasminjoo said...

awww.! as in yung remote ng t.v lang talaga ang binigay mo??!!!

-ellesig- said...

@yasmin - yes! i wrapped it in several sheets of newspaper so it'll look bigger then put it in a box. as in ung remote lang. naiyak nga ako sa sobrang kakatawa non!