Monday, November 9, 2009

breaking up!

- which is the situation that im not in.

i know its bad but i get excited when people are breaking up. well not excited-happy about it but excited to see whats really going to happen.

maybe im just jealous of the feeling, 'cause i was never in that position. maybe im jealous that you can be miserable for a while 'cause someone decided to leave you and people totally understood you. maybe im jealous because when you are in that phase everyone worries, friends watch what they are saying because it might hurt you-because you are so damn fragile. maybe, but im pretty sure im wrong! haha!

well, having alot of friends who were broken up with, was cheated on, who broke up and got back together, who broke up but remained friends, who broke up and cannot be friends. i can tell you that its more than that break up movie "one more chance".

here are things that i've noticed:

you dont want to be friends with an eX specially when you have common friends. you dont want to deal with that. siguradong pulutan kayo pag talikod nyo. friends will always compare whose present is hotter, they will bet on who will break up first plus you are putting your present in a very bad and embarrassing position. she or he will always feel judged.

end a relationship as soon as violence starts. he will hit you again!

no one ever forget infidelity. yourself and being together will be the constant reminder of what the other did. you can forgive but you will never forget how you were played. this i know for sure, that once you know that your partner cheated on you, you can never love the other the same way. it lessens everything. love, respect and trust.

those who seek for advice never listen. so next counseling session you can tell him "i told you so".

girls that are easy to get will be easy to loose. hope that she'll be easy to forget. advice: kaya tiyagain mo 'yung mga pakipot at yung mga nagpapaligaw sa bahay. pick a girl who knows herself. yung ginagalang muna ang sarili nya. yung legal na mag boyfriend.

courting is just a phase. he will treat you differently when you become his girl, more differently when you are counting years into the relationship and hopefully not terribly when you're his wife. courting is his chance to make a good impression, to show you his good side ( but what about the other side?) - so dont expect that he'd be bringing you flowers just because he felt like it when courting is over!

have a break. give yourself more time before you barge into another relationship. absorb then heal. a broken heart doesnt love more. you'll only end up hurting the rebound person.

Thursday, November 5, 2009