Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i'm back! -- who cares!

hi readers! (haha!)
if i have any.. --feeling.. assuming..

okay, time for a real post.

i was at starbucks last time to check my mail, pinutol kasi ni smartbro connection namin. its my first visit this year and i have to say that i didn't enjoy it. i don't know, i use to be a sucker for that kind of thing but now i feel that its just stupid to waste that much money on coffee. naisip ko, 20 pieces na diaper na yon ng anak ko. you have to admit that their coffee is way too expensive! plus their wi-fi suck!

before id finish a tall cafe latte while doing my thing on my sony vaio or sometimes reading my magazines looking all rich,chat with my smoking friends who thinks that smoking at starbucks will make smoking or them any better, talk to the barista in english and have a venti strawberries and cream frap to go. boy, i was preppy-- and stupid.

i use to go every night during decembers for a planner and i did that for 3 years! it was gratifying. now i find it embarrassing.

my last visit was the time to wake up from my western wonderland.

not that i hate it now. maybe because i use to have so much time to waste and a little more money to spend on luxurious things. now i cant afford to waste my time on sipping my coffee very slowly so i can prolong my stay at this fab coffeehouse waiting for someone to notice me. na tumatambay ako sa starbucks. uy! big time! haha! bob ong wrote something about filipinos like that. dying to be western.

sabi nga ni bob ong kung sino man ang nag-franchise ng mga coffee shop dito sa pinas e kilalang-kilala ang mga pinoy. coffee shops are more of a comfort zone. its nice to get pampered and to feel that you are being served, that you are important once in a while. it is more of an escape from the chaos outside. so sinong pinoy ang hindi mahuhumaling?

i cant do that anymore! -- so i bought a coffee maker, and ground coffee beans from starbucks and voila! sosyal at home! hehe! the coffee itself is what i love anyway!

hindi ko maintindihan ang position ko dito. im torn between my coffee and my money! :) nagkukuripot lang pala.


Max said...

I am trying to get off Starbucks myself.

-ellesig- said...

i exaggerated. :)