Wednesday, August 3, 2011

off topic

everything about losing weight is either annoying or boring and im certain - super hard.

to tell you honestly im making very little progress. slowly but surely. but then i said im not going to talk about that.

this week is about family and how i always felt like i never have one. but that's changed, because i now have my own. you know how i use to see it - im everybody's daughter when im great and im alone when im wrong. people would take credit for who you've become when its good. 

without exaggerating. OR maybe people feel most emotional when their birthday is coming up. 

i remember last year, i have cousin who is visiting from london whose birthday is 3 days after mine. they decided to have our party on the same day. my birthday isn't really a big deal for me since i had children so i guess its okay. i was worrying about my cousin leila who was turning 14 then - might not like sharing her party,(you know how teens are) but she was totally cool with it. 

during the afternoon we were killing time at the mall so people at home can prepare for the party - they call me to say that i have to buy a cake, for me. buy my own cake because they bought one for my cousin and it wouldnt look good if we share. i saw it as a simple task but the people i was with were like, "sad you have to buy your own cake.."