Sunday, May 8, 2011

play list 5/8

i want to make a mix tape for you! :')

Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson -  i can smile through out this song - it just says it all! "pretend there's no world outside.." parang lahat ng kanta ni JJ pang cuddle weather? o baka yung boses nya lang.

Sing for you, Tracy Chapman - this is a sad song but her voice relaxes me plus its easy to sing along to! ahaha!

Patience, Guns N Roses - a song about missing someone. why cant there be songs like this anymore? im stuck in this era. replay.replay! and the video is super bonus, Axl Rose is beautiful!

Two Wrongs, Wyclef Jean feat. Claudette Ortiz - this i don't know how to explain. take a listen. :')

Live and Learn, The Cardigans - "no, i don't think i can learn.."

Cold Summer Nights, Francis M - one of my favorites! i can't listen to the other versions of this song sung by Nina and Armie(?). i use to like Upside Down,Two Minds Crack - but when 6cycle Mind revived it, (more like killed it) i stopped liking it too much. 

Skinny Love, Bon Iver - this is at the top of my most played list but im not really heartbroken. its so hard to explain what this song means, i almost don't get it. ahaha! it is so beautiful. specially this live performance. moving.

Never There, Cake - GENIUSES! every Cake song is fun.

Generator 1st Floor, Freelance Whales - i just discovered this. WHERE HAVE I BEEN!? all their songs that i listened to made me giddy-happy but so far my favorite is this one. i just fell in love.. yup, in love. big grin**

When I'm With You, Best Coast - "i hate sleeping alone.." i spaced out.

Don't Look Back in Anger, Oasis - i love Oasis but i choose this one today. the video is Eraserheadish or the other way around, this reminds me so much of this video, Julie Tearjerky, ano?

How's it Going Be, Third Eye Blind - another band that i love along with The Cure, The Smiths and Pearl Jam . this is my driving away song.


Rej said...

Happy Mother's Day. :)

Giselle said...

thanks rej! :)

youngcampbell said...

belated happy mother's day! your penmanship is pretty, seriously.

dong ho said...

never heard of that tracy chapman song. (immediately checks it in youtube).

Giselle said...

@yuli - thank you, it is on its own way. :)

@dong - that one is like a lullaby. :) cool! hope you like it.