Monday, June 20, 2011

resisting the munching

does the weather really have to work against me? rain to me is synonymous to champorado and tuyo, ginataang halo-halo and 30 ounces of hot chocolate plus pajama all day, sleeping in and every other day showers. :D

its been a boring week since i decided to diet and exercise. i haven't invest on any equipment yet, but i've been running and doing sit ups. i'm also eating less. no rice, burgers only! (that's a joke) i gave up pork and beef (i've been doing this for a while), and live on tuna and occasional chicken. no cream for coffee and no butter for anything.

my biggest problem yet is dessert. i LOVE cake and ice cream. now i have to hate donuts too.  


Rej said...

Hindi ka nag-iisa.

Giselle said...

rej - it's the weather. :)

Gawwy said...

Inom ka maraming liquid like coke!
hehe just kidding :)

goodluck to your diet hope you gain more weight este reduce pala
miss your blog :)

Giselle said...

what a lazy afternoon, i'm going to jog.. in my dreams..

Gawwy - isa pa yang coke na yan.. laging nagpapacute saakin. thank you, good to see you back.:)