Monday, June 13, 2011

real friends tell you the truth - annoyingly.

my weekend was fun! i had a little free time to catch up with friends. we had dinner, coffee and a lot of talk!

they all teased me for gaining too much weight. pinching my arm, asking how much i weigh and if i auditioned for the Biggest Loser (which was funny yet exaggerated). so i said, "we all gained weight and i'm the only one with the valid excuse - i had children!"

i'm going to let you in a secret : i did a little teen modeling. i was going to put up the link to the site where they have my portfolio BUT i'm too shy. i was 16 ; i don't judge me. :) nothing special, i was very skinny, underweight for my height ; 5'8. that's why my friends wouldn't drop the issue, i nearly doubled. 

i honestly don't feel bad about being heavier. i love my body. i don't feel fat but i know i'm not on the healthy side either. i don't watch what i eat, i have less physical activities and never tried to workout or at least jog(which i use to love).

summer is over, i don't need a bikini body but getting the same comment from everybody is getting old. "you got bigger!". i never dare say that to anybody, i think it's a little offensive even if it's true. seriously,other people never thought of that? 

you read it first. i'm now making my 'WORK OUT' playlist.


yuli said...

as long as you're confident and happy of who and what you are, gooooo! :)

Rej said...

at least you're tall. Just imagine if you stand 4'xx" tall and you weigh 75 kilos? That's more horrible.

Buti na lang hindi pa ko ganyan. Hallelujah!