Sunday, June 26, 2011

the zone

there are a lot of things to avoid when on a diet, you have to keep your eyes set on your 120lbs goal. focus, focus, focus on what not to eat, when to eat and how much you can eat. then, while you are avoiding the kitchen, watching TV without a snack a food commercial comes up. yup, the world is working against you.

the pantry - i'm a cook. i see carbonara in eggs, cream and cheese. i see cake in flour and sugar. "what am i going to do with these carrots and potatoes? a, kaldereta. may baka ba? then i open the -

fridge - merong baka! may ice cream din." my daughter loves ice cream too.

i love to entertain people with food. i sometimes cook for no reason. i also have to try everything. so when i get in the -

car - we pass by at least 10 restaurants before we get to the -

mall - where there are more places for food. do you know how many restaurants and food stalls there are in TriNoMa? haha! :)

so, maybe i'll do a little browsing and guess what i just stumbled upon, an article about how big donuts are as news.


dong ho said...

hahaha... dami ngang kailangang iwasan. control talaga ang imprtante.

Giselle said...

dong - oo nga, pero parang mas nalulungkot ako, gusto ko lalo kumain. haha!