Wednesday, January 27, 2010

on the go

i miss my old music library.

my portable music storage device froze and i needed to restore it. and since the stupid me, after, reformatting my computer didnt install back the application it needs to run - is left with a wiped out ipod.

foo fighters, skid row, tegan and sarah, the cure.. gone. michael jackson music videos.. GONE!
that ipod had in it my music from almost five years ago! the crappy music that i listened to when i was 17 was there - i dont feel so bad after all.

i always thought that people my age wont like my choice of music. back in elementary, all the girls in my class were gaga over the back street boys, i like them too - until now, but at that time i listened to spandau ballet and fra lippo lippi.

i use to think that im the only person who know all my favorite songs, and if someone i know happens to also know a song i like, i'd say she heard it from me OR i'll just stop liking that song. people like that are annoying - yes, im annoying! like the song was exclusively written for me and others are not allowed to like it? but seriously, i stopped liking reggae when punk rocker kids start wearing che guevarra shirts and relating him to ska. ano daw!? akala ata nila sa bob marley yun. nalito na rin pati ako.

i really miss jack johnsons voice, all i have here are new songs from black eyed peas, t-pain and cobra starship - danceable but not ME. on the positive note, i have most of my music in CDs. rip na lang pag-sinipag.

anyway, whats in your playlist?


YULI said...

Beatles, seriously :P

Sidney said...

Good you have a copy of your music on CDs...
That is a bit the problem with all those digital can loose everything in a second!

-ellesig- said...

@yuli - i like them too :)

@sidney - im starting to think that me and all these new gadgets dont really get along. laptop then this!