Sunday, January 10, 2010

oh dear! one year!

yup! 70 crappy posts later and then - blog anniversary!

after a year of ranting, complaining, whining, sarcasm and venting my anger on the web i've decided to.. well as always im undecided.

i sincerely thank everyone who came across my writings, those who i came to interact with in the comments section - which i always look forward of reading and answer with pure joy. the blogs that i read - i feel like i've met the coolest people through reading your posts and looking at photos you took. i look up to all of you!

celebrate what you want to see more of - so im heading to mcdonalds to celebrate!


Rej said...

Hope you had a great time. :)

YULI said...

i havent thank you thru virtual yet.
daghang salamat again (that's maraming salamat). More power to your blog! :)

-ellesig- said...

@rej - large fries, chicken burger and coke float! :) great talaga..:)

@yuli - maraming salamat din sayo!:) cheers!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Gusto ko rin ng fries and coke float.