Saturday, September 26, 2009

ill make my 50th post even more sensible..

- im thinking of moving to tumblr. what do you think? if i could just convince everybody to move with me! :) like i did when all of them ditched friendster and signed up for facebook. i think tumblr suits me more because im lazy.

- a korean video top the MYX hit chart. i dont understand a thing they are saying but they are delightful to watch.

- why didn't i use the word hiatus when i was gone? i didnt make a post about it and say when ill be back. trivia: 3 of the blogs i visit used the word hiatus. they all have this post titled "hiatus". i dont know, they all just decided to go on a vacation around the same time. weird.

- typhoons must love the Philippines. they love it.

- im a twitter stalker. i get giddy whenever i read demi and ashton tweets. especially this one:

"Happy anniversary @mrskutcher I'm not sure why we keep track of years in relation 2 an infinite love. But tradition wins 2day."


Anonymous said...

gusto ko mga music video ng korean. parang jologs pero cool!

Malapit ko na rin abandonahin ang friendster. I open it just to check kung may nagmessage. Nakakasawa na.

YULI said...

i created tumblr a week ago and find it confusing. :) maybe i'll just get used to it.

korean music videos are great! very colorful and dynamic.

haist. our family in rizal also experiences flood. tsk3 God Bless them.

visit davao. umaambon lang dito. GBU!

-ellesig- said...
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-ellesig- said...

rej - di ba!? ang cucute kaya nila! ;) i got this LSS - i dont care e-e-e-e-e, i dont care-e-e-e-e-e.. ung video kasama si sandara park. haha!

ikr!? mas useful talaga ang facebook. ;) sales talk!

yuli - tumblr is perfect for you because you take great photos! i noticed most of the accounts are photo blogs.

yes, they look like dolls! i wish i could dress like them.

this is the first time i experience flood. but people from QC are luckier to those who live in pasig and marikina.

ive been wanting to go to davao. you guys are lucky, typhoons rarely hit south.

Sidney said...

Congrats for your 50th post!

Love is sweet isn't it?

Sidney said...

Sad to hear about your friends plight !

-ellesig- said...

sid - thank you! :) sweet indeed. i really have to stop making marriage look bad(post # 49).

she is considered lucky compared to the people we see in the news.