Sunday, September 20, 2009

does that really happen?

you're so in love.
you marry.
you live together.
you discover that life is hard.
you have kids.
life gets difficult.
work hard.
cant talk.
spend less time together.
fight often.
dont want to talk.
you fall out of love.
you wait.
you hurt.
you think.
you leave.

ang pagmamahal naging takot, sa katagalan nagiging awa, at pag nagtagal pa lalo nagiging galit.

i've seen couples separate. married people divorce. they grow apart, they sometimes discover things about their partner that they can never live with. some find excuses. some simply just cant commit. theres violence and infidelity that you become blind to when you are madly in love.

if everything that start must end .. does that include love?


Anonymous said...

hindi ko masyado sure kung ano ang stand ko dito. Iba iba kasi ang takbo ng utak ng tao.

Happy lang ako because I am surrounded with couples na strong ung commitment sa isa't isa. If ever I will get married at least I have people to look up to and hopefully my partner will feel the same.

the donG said...

i think it shouldnt be that way. genuine love lasts.

-ellesig- said...

rej - i also know alot of couples that i admire. my grandparents are great example of people who after so many years of being together are still in love. its just too weird for me - when people spends 100k on a wedding, people who never get their hands off each other because they are so IN LOVE(?),people who seems like the dream couple someday ends up separated or divorced.

pero im not saying all, some fall out of love.. which is sad and stupid. or may be it wasnt love to begin with.. which is sadder.. :(

-ellesig- said...

dong - you're right. i suddenly remember a line from sex and the city.

Carrie asked a sailor, "how many great loves can we find in our life time?" the sailor said "if you are lucky, you'll find one."

that is IF and just ONE.

Sidney said...

Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged, and the mutual dependence of the old. ~John Ciardi

-ellesig- said...

sid - i hope thats not always true.

PeterPan said...

As a married man actually hindi ko din alam ang stand ko dito, i admit this also happen to me except for leaving them mas importante pa rin sakin na buo ang family and maganda naman ang nangyari magkasundo kami ni wifey ngayon talagang dumadaan lang sa stage ng pagsubok its to the couple how they will handle it...

-ellesig- said...

peterpan - kudos to you! i really think people should value the reason why 2 are together. plus its so different when kids are involve.
you call your wife 'wifey'.. thats sweet! i wish you more happy years of marriage.