Thursday, May 21, 2009


blogorrhea - (noun) to write a blog entry for the sake of posting something since you haven't done anything interesting lately.

use it in a sentence!


Anonymous said...

I just did.

Blogorrhea. Love it!

Sidney said...

hehehehe... many blogs should use that word! :-)

-ellesig- said...

i havent been out lately so this page is full of blogorrhea!

that work?

YULI said...

whatpost! :D

the donG said...

may ganun na pala. hehehe... maybe more words coming from the cyberworld will be added in the dictionary.

-ellesig- said...

yuli - you mean whatapost! :) post ng tamad yan..

dong - yun nga rin unang reaction ko eh, theres an urban dictionary, mostly words from cyberworld, parang yung dictionary ng gay language. :)