Friday, May 15, 2009

me lately

im not in the mood to sleep. ive been putting my eyes to work. none of the things i did bore me enough to lull me to sleep.

this is technically my may 1st in the blogging world. whatever.. you understand what im trying to say.

vacation is so over.

so heres me lately..

i saw one of the dancers in wowowee at the grocery store a week ago. shes cute and short and got multicolored hair.
im becoming this savvy grocery shopper ; its funny. its a great alternative for shopping because you are not actually shopping but still shopping. :)

can i ask you something?
where did summer go? why is sun all moody and stuff?

i signed up for twitter and followed all this cool people. rob thomas, nicole richie, miley cyrus, chris brown and the kardashians. im not even sure if its really them but what the hell. i thought they hated stalkers? twitter and plurk are so stalker friendly. so i was reading what all of them is twitting about hoping to see rihannas twitter in chris browns account and suddenly -- guess who is on twitter? -- barrack obama! and that was it.. after almost an hour of sheer shock or sometimes delight on finding out who uses this service, i deleted my twitter account.

i still watch grey's anatomy and often wonder why i didnt want to be a doctor as a kid. doctors are so cool! i wanted to be a pilot - in case you're asking.

and i almost forgot, happy mothers day to all the moms out there. everyday should be mothers day! what did you all got for your moms? wonder what manny pacquiao got for his mother?

my lolo turned 89! 89! eighty nine!

we call him 'mamay'. he smokes and drinks. sino bang batanggenyo ang hindi bumabarik! namimitas pa yan ng chico at nagbabalag ng patani. siya rin ang pinaka magaling magluto ng kapeng barako! at hanggang ngayong sweet na sweet parin sila ni lola!

grabe, 89!

dadating din tayo jan 69 years pa. :)


YULI said...

i've been visiting your blog for quite a while. finally, a new post! :D

nice to hear your in twitter too. :)
i'm still searching for oprah's account. hehe. :D

the donG said...

oh cool! nice to know that you're posting again.

if you're enjoying twitter, you should try plurk too.

i bow to your lolo. 89! he must be living a good life.

cpsanti said...

hahaha! loved your twitter story ;-)

wow, 89! winner ang lolo mo!

Sidney said...

89... bata pa ! canceled your twitter account... ? I thought you would have followed me on twitter ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

...sweet na sweet pa rin sila ni lola... @ 89! Wow!

PeterPan said...

Nice blog!!
I'll try twitter too.

Can you ask your lolo what vitamins he's taking:)

-ellesig- said...
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-ellesig- said...

ellesig- said...

yuli - thankyou for waiting for a new post. oh, im over twitter and maybe, just maybe, i could have stayed if i saw ohprahs acct. :)

dong - hey! salamat! namiss ko blog mo! :)

i use to have a plurk too but i decided to keep only my email address and my blog. makakalimutin ako sa mga password, i know, im a loser.

winner naman ang lolo ko! :) he is!

cpsanti - hi!:) i know right, im just not the twitting type.

sid - batang bata pa talaga!

i did canceled my twitter but if i discovered your account i couldn't have! :)

rej - 'lam mo naghihintayan pa yun pag naglalakad, pinagtitimpla pa ni lolo ng kape si lola.

peterpan - you think so? thank you!

my lolo drinks gin and smokes menthol cigarettes. :