Wednesday, March 11, 2009

who man-s!?

i should plurk? for brighter days..

but please not hotter days!

i feel like jumping into a pool of iced water.

it amazes me how you can be perfectly still and still sweat. --then you are too lazy to stand up and get a drink 'cause you'll sweat even more and you'll end up dehydrated.

and irritated.

and the last thing you want to hear is..

"oh, cool ka lang!"


-ellesig- said...

punch that person, then im vented.

Sidney said...

Hehehe... funny post !

the donG said...

now that's a hit!

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

hi elle! thanks for commenting on my post. about your question, yes i think you should sell them online if you got no use for it already. two years ago i did an actual two-day garage sale in my own garage, and it was a success. difference lang with online is the shipping. browse thru my online garage sale and other multiply online shops para you have an idea how to make one, kung pano yung usual format.

jarvik said...

plurk is soooo cool haha, plurk on!

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

hahaha! nice one :D