Monday, March 23, 2009

update update

my laptop got so drunk.
i dont know when she'll wake up. :(

ill take her to gilmore. (or greenhills, i dont know, wherever is cheaper.)
we'll be gilmore girls. :)

now im back with desktop. which i so much cooler for writing. haha!

at times when i want to blog but i cant:

i paint my nails black.

watch nickelodeon.

sleep in the playpen with my daughter.

think of selling some of my things.
na parang adik.
ipod. shoes. perfumes.
ill make another post about that.

volunteered to make loot bags for my cousins 1st birthday.
suggestions on what to put in them are very welcome.

imagine flicking cigarettes.
im not even trying to smoke now that im super bored.
im so proud of myself.


Sidney said...

Sorry to hear about your laptop! But it shouldn't be too hard to find someone who can fix it.

-ellesig- said...

sidney - im too lazy to go out and have it fixed. :(

the donG said...

i too can be proud of people who stop smoking. congratulations! dapat kang tularan.

gilmore girl ka na pala.

estan said...

if that happens to my laptop, it would be a disaster for me!

-ellesig- said...

dong - thankyou! thankyou!

hahanapin ko yung national geographic magazine yung may kuha ng sand ripples sa desert. :)

estan - talagang disaster. sana wag mangyari sayo, at sa kahit na sino.

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

good for you! ;)

-ellesig- said...

jess - thankyou! thankyou!

ayos din para sa iba, hindi na sila nauusukan.