Monday, April 26, 2010

my ending to rej's Last Man Standing

there he was, typing away
since all he got is a name,
while searching for her
he better pray

google, yahoo
twitter, multiply
nothing came up
but he just couldn't stop

what's the popular networking site?
everyone's on facebook, right?
"if i cant find her here -
then lets call it a night"

nervously he typed her name and clicked search
many girls are named the same, i suppose.
but one girl stood out, she has the smile that he remembers
the girl from the train is now the girl in this profile picture.

add as a friend, send her a message
he couldn't decide
but his heart skipped a beat
when her status said : Married.


-ellesig- said...

rej, sorry, im not much of a writer, saka sobrang late ko na pala! :) i had fun doing this. kilig na kilig din ako while reading yuli's take.

Rej said...

nice. salamat. di ko alam nakakakilig pala yun. tamang trip ko lang isang gabing di makatulog. hehe! :D