Wednesday, March 17, 2010

raised by wolves

partly cloudy.

some of me i learned from my mom. some of me look a lot like my father. alot of me is by my grandparents. a part of me are from my uncles, a little from my titas. bits and pieces from books but most of this i kind of got as i went along.

they separated, moved on with their lives with out me - but in the middle of all that i did not pity my pitiful young self. i learned that if no one is going to be there for me, i have to be strong for me.

being a part of a broken family does not give you the license to be a rebel. it gives you an initiative to be different from what you grew up on. you should set that mistake in your life (that isn't your fault) as example of what not to do.

yes it does confuse me. until now i ask questions and often think of what could have been. but as i grow older i realized that the person (cliche warning) that im today wouldnt be as strong if i wasnt weathered by my fate.

mad glitch.

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Rej said...

your parents are blessed to have you as their child. despite all the confusion, you are still optimistic. :)

God bless. :)