Wednesday, February 10, 2010

character reference

the day i was so hoping not to come came anyway.

today, i have to stop bumming around and get a job. which is close to not possible because 1)im not done with school and 2) im not goin' back to school. - but if you are reading this AND you are a student then STAY in school.

lets see, im tall, (?) sleep deprived, i dont know where im good at, and if you are a junkie and needs a buddy you can hire me!



Sidney said...

Don't worry...everything will be alright !
But if I was you...I would go back to school ! ;-o

the donG said...

dadaan lang yan.

-ellesig- said...

sid, you're right.. i should and this time for something that i really like.

dong, :) gusto ko yan! sana nga.

i really like bumming around..ahaha!

YULI said...

how's your job hunt? :D

Rej said...

nakakapagod din ang magbum around. mapapaisip ka na lang bigla parang napagiiwanan ka na ng panahon...

emo? nakarelate ako eh. slight. hehe! but you'll be fine and im sure you are destined to do great things. :)

-ellesig- said...

@yuli, im not even sure if i really want a job plus im scared to commute around. this is sad, how sad.

rej, tama naman e.and dami ko ng sinayang na oras at opportunities. haha! emo ako palage!

thanks! you're nice. i hope.