Friday, December 11, 2009

happy = ...

6 months ago my best friend rose was going over and over about this guy shes seeing. i had to meet him to make sure hes not another jerk who'll hurt her again. i planned a dinner for the 4 of us, me, the happy couple and emmy,our gay best friend.

hes a hunk! broad shoulders, taller than i am, moreno, has a very charming smile and liked my cooking - so i liked him. which was new because i never really liked anyone that she dated. haha!:)

but all that emmy said was - "ewan ko,parang malansa.." as if we're judging a fish.

at times that they'd come over, me and the 'guy' ends up talking more than me and my best friends. hes very refreshing, not like another guys where the topic is very limited. well, there are so many reasons why he seems to be very at ease with girls and gays. well, 1) hes open-minded 2) he has a lot of sisters 3) hes been in a lot of relationships 4) hes just trying very hard to please us OR 5)hes gay - which i easily disregarded because hes just not, i dont see it.

BUT one day, not after a fight, nothing went wrong - he just decided to break it off with her and the next thing she knew hes with someone else. not a mistress, more like a mister!

i was wrong, the only guy i liked for my best friend is gay. the guy that made her happy again after so many bad relationships left her for a man. shocked of him coming out of the closet like that i am also surprised with my friends reaction. she said that for a long time she was bitter, imagining her man with another woman, thinking of the reasons on why he suddenly left her, thinking what she did wrong but when she heard the news that he was gay, she was relieved and felt like she love him more.

to you: i remember that i told you about this thing that i do. maybe, one of these days you'll read this. i would like to say that im happy that you decided to let the real you shine through. im still your friend and we love you!


Himmat Singh said...

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Thanks and have a good day.

Rej said...

hehe! personally parang mas attracted ako sa gay or napagkakamalang gay. :D

mabuti na rin na umamin sya agad. at least ur friend can go out again and hopefully meet a guy na swak talaga. :)

-ellesig- said...

@HM - thank you. sure.

@rej - ako din. weird. pero he was perfect talaga! good looking tapos very articulate, mahinhin.

i hope so too.:(

Anonymous said...

sayang. puro good looking ang mga "modern gay?" Kaasar! Hehe!

yasminjoo said...


and yup, ang kuleet ng reaction ng friend mo. friend pa rin ba sila?

-ellesig- said...

@yasmin - sadly, they are not friends now BUT i know that they will be again.