Tuesday, April 7, 2009

shes up..

have you heard of the saying "strike while the iron is hot"?

its not related to this. :)

after weeks of not blogging i feel like i have lost my touch - if i ever had it with this.

about this <<, someone told me to just try and turn it on, not hoping for anything because the last time i did, the speakers almost blew up. so i did and its there .. as if nothing happened. the letter m is not really working and some letters just appear without me touching them. creepy. but other than that its fine.

i wasn't so happy -- all i said was what now!?

so.. what did i miss?


Sidney said...

What now? Start blogging again ! ;-)

cpsanti said...

hey so your laptop is kind of ok na? ;-)

-ellesig- said...

sidney - :)

cpsanti - hey!:) kind of.. keyboard is messed up..

the donG said...

you can bring it to a laptop repair shop. maybe somewhere in gilmore or in festival mall alabang.