Friday, September 3, 2010

tutor, math and me

our body, when exposed to something we dont like reacts in an amazing way. its like its programmed to develop an alibi for you.

my cousin kyle is in first grade. he tosses his bag as soon as he gets home then heads out to play. about 5 minutes into his freedom his most hated person comes in - his tutor. so most of the time - he'd say hes sleepy, sometimes hes tired or hungry, one time he even took a shower. he will do anything to keep the poor teacher away.

kyle hates his tutor.

i never liked math. simple math, algebra, whatever! since elementary i look at math teachers as terrors even if they are nice. i hate them for no reason. i seriously get a fever before a math exam. i dont know how that happens, maybe out of nervousness thinking that i'll probably shit my pants in the middle of the test. thank goodness for calculators because -

i hate math.

here comes the sad part. you. have you ever heard of someone saying that he forgets something because he's so in on what he was doing. like when i forget to eat when i play the guitar. like how mothers burn what they are cooking because of watching tv. like when someone forgets that its time to sleep when shes talking to you because she loves listening to you. somehow YOU manage to be the exact opposite.

you remember all the things you have to do. you suddenly have to cut your nails, you have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. you need to go outside to smoke. you like to talk to someone else. you feel like cleaning your car. you have to cook because you are hungry right after lunch. you are tired and instantly falls asleep.

so maybe - just maybe- i thought, you hate me like kyle hates his tutor, you hate me like i hate math.