Thursday, July 7, 2011

A for effort

i lost 9 lbs last week.

just by dieting, i haven't been out lately to run. its amazing how easy i can put the weight i've lost back on - so easy. the weather continues to work against me equals cardio indoors. jogging in place, jumping jacks and possibly jump rope.

"the workout playlist" : all linked to videos on youtube.

More Than A Woman, Aaliyah - video is equally good! i miss Her.

Control Myself, LL Cool J & J.Lo - i literally dont understand what the song is about but it sounds good.

Just Like Me, Jamie Foxx - i love Jamie Foxx. you have to love this video!

Lose Control, Missy Elliot - why not.

Uh Huh, B2k - idk - can't believe it's almost 10 years since this song was a hit, they use to play this everyday, every radio station in CT and on BET back in 2002.

Try Again, Aaliyah - the video is a motivation to get fit. look at her stomach.

We Need A Resolution, Aaliyah - i recently salvaged my old CDs from the trash bin, much to my surprise they still work! - skips a little though. i use to play this from start to finish, again and again.

Ride, Ciara & Ludacris - warning : the video is too hot!

Get it Shawty, Lloyd - fact : i have the biggest crush on him.

Good Girls Go Bad, Cobra Starship - idk.

Animal, Neon Trees - 2 more reps. :D

and.. its raining again.